Farming has been Bob’s passion ever since he can remember. Growing up on a small farm, he  was involved in farm activities at an early age.  Bob attended Rutger’s Cook College in New Jersey, and upon graduating, obtained a position as agricultural extension agent in South Carolina.  For three years, Bob worked helping tobacco growers transition to vegetable crops, after which he decided to move back to South Jersey to farm along with his father.  After his return, Bob decided to expand on his education and attend the University of Delaware to work toward his masters degree.  Bob soon realized that farming was what he truly wanted to do, and went back to farm full-time.

Shortly after returning from South Carolina, Bob and Leda met, and married a few years later.  In 2001 they started an organic CSA with 35 members.  By 2015, the CSA had expanded to over 400 families.  After fifteen years of running a successful CSA, Bob and Leda have decided to open a farm stand in it’s place.  The farm stand is open to the general public, and anyone can now come and shop without having to comit to a CSA.  Check the “Farm Stand” page for hours and produce availability.

Bob is highly respected in the farming community for his expertise and knowledge in various aspects of vegetable growing and soil husbandry. He is widely sought-after for his lectures and training-talks.  For a listing of his recent talks, please go to the “Educational Outreach” page.